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ter•rar•i•umtəˈrɛər i əm; -ˈrɛər i ə(n.)(pl.)-rar•i•ums, -rar•i•a

  1. a glass container, chiefly or wholly enclosed, for growing and displaying plants.

This was actually a handmade terrarium that I did for a friend of mine for her birthday. I think giving a terrarium is a great idea for a gift for someone. It contains the giver’s sincerity and it is also visually appealing. Also how often does someone give a living item as a present, making an even more precious gift to the receiver.

I always believe that when someone buys something as compared to making one, is less of the wholeheartedness that the person.

Believe me the pleasant surprise, that someone bothered to making something for you on your birthday, would always be remebered



I got board with Barbies as a kid and normally did this with my Barbies. Make point less videos with them. This video is about a Barbie that has a t.v. Show when a Sysco Barbie named ray ray ties the famous Barbie and steels her show. And when the director comes to shoot a music video for the famous girl and sees that the famous girl is tied up but dosent really care because he falls in love with ray ray. And a creepy monster high doll joins the party.
Really random I know.
Lol injoy. :)

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